6 steps to serious anti-ageing skincare ~ with visible results in 2 months by Pretty Peach Blossom

Most cosmetic products are now sold to us with the ideology of being the next miracle cream, to deliver  ever lasting youth. Anti-ageing is big buisness even though more often than not these adverts are usually gimmicky, or only provide short term results. Even I have been drawn into the hype, so I decided to pack all my organic green skincare products and in […]



Last month we blogged about the importance of Collagen, this month we want to let you know how Matrixyl is a key ingredient in stimulating collagen production?   Matrixyl is part of the pentapetide family. Known as an amino acid that penetrates through the outer layer of your skin. Reaching the fibroblast cells to stimulate […]



Being that our skin in our biggest Organ, there are many ways that skin can be affected…and pigmentation happens to be an issue for many people. Your skin tone can be affected by many influences. Sun damage, acne scars, aging, etc… Skin gets its color mainly from melanin, a pigment produced by melanocyte cells in […]