6 steps to serious anti-ageing skincare ~ with visible results in 2 months by Pretty Peach Blossom

Most cosmetic products are now sold to us with the ideology of being the next miracle cream, to deliver  ever lasting youth. Anti-ageing is big buisness even though more often than not these adverts are usually gimmicky, or only provide short term results.

Even I have been drawn into the hype, so I decided to pack all my organic green skincare products and in the name of research I dived in head first to try and discover the creamedelacream of anti-ageing beauty portions. 


My first find is by no means a free from, if anything, I was shocked by the ingredients list. I cannot remember the last time I used a facial cleanser with sodium laureth sulfate, it does come with the expected tightening of the skin etc. Another big shocker was the list of parabens, I think for most green skincare enthusiast this is a deal breaker, I am not sure how I feel about it myself. I have to say that a good list of ingredients is also contained in these products but needed to get the elephant out of the way before we get started. For more information you can read more about Nutracine doctor directed skincare here. 


Nutracine is a high intensity skincare treatment only to be used for three months then immediately discontinued, followed on by a maintenance system of your choice like your current regime or one recommend by nutracine. In the time you use this treatment it is recommended you do not use any makeup, I see you roll your eyes, but its a choice I decided to stick to for the sake of good skin health. This rule can be broken only on special occasions no more than twice month.  This is scientific stuff the curators do not want any reaction between chemical compounds hence the advice.

This routine consists of cleanse and tone as expected, then vitamin C which must be left to sink into the dermal before applying any other products. 

The fourth step is the moisturiser which is a choice of two and can be used alternatively a Collagen hydrating formula and  an exfoliating brightening moisturiser. This is then followed by either a retinol cream or intensive wrinkle reduction cream with peptide complex, these two are power houses in helping to diminish major wrinkles. I will test them on stretch marks and feed back that will be a true test as I have  serious issues on my tummy area. 

Since I am now 34 years of age I started to see fine lines or what I like to call laughter lines, around my eyes and mouth. I kid you not three weeks of using this stuff I can laugh and smile all I want with no signs of lines or wrinkles. This stuff needs commitment and it’s a hard core targeted treatment. I am going to do all I can to avoid invasive procedures and this is my first step. 

There is no magic pill to flawless skin just commitment and hard work like anything else. 

Do not forget sunscreen this is just as important as the skincare  products used. The one provided in the kit I received has titanium dioxide 5.20% and zinc oxide 1.10% as active ingredients. 

Just to be clear even though I don’t have serious wrinkle issues I had hyperpigmentation due to frequent hormonal breaks outs, this issue has resolved significantly. If I didn’t have oily skin I would say I could confidently rock no makeup for the rest of the year. 

So the conclusion is this skincare treatment works and is the real deal no doubt, however, we live in a world where consumers are well educated about ingredients and what is good for them. And it is up to you as an  individual whether you are willing to over look some of the ingredients in most prescriptions medicine, or remain a green bunny. I am on the fence and I am not 💯 percent committed to going green with my skincare as yet. Furthermore, I can honestly say I am yet to find natural beauty products that give me excellent results such as this one. 

I think this treatment can easily be reproduced using the products you have in your skincare cabinet without using prescription products, maybe without the exact same results but close. 

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