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Nutracine sent me over their newest line to try. Over the last two months, I’ve been using their complete system, and I’ve grown to really love the line. Products that I can’t live without: the #4 Vitamin C Serum, the #456 Combination Cream, and the #2 Purifying Toner with Multi-Hydroxy Acids.

After one night (YES, ONE) of the #4 Vitamin C Serum, I woke up and my skin was completely resurfaced. My red spots had diminished and my face had a dewy glow.

The #356 Combination Cream promises to  do “3 in 1: Exfoliate, Brighten, and Moisturize”—and it does all three!  It exfoliates SO much that any dead skin cells roll away. I like to apply it as a night cream because I wake up with super bright, glowing, exfoliated skin.

After a night with Nutracine, my favorite daytime CC cream (YSL Light Creator) effortlessly blended onto my skin, and the glow was beautiful. Prior to using the Nutracine system, my foundation (which is quite expensive) looked flaky and dull on my skin. Now, my skin is glowing (I can’t say this word enough!)  and dewy, with no flakes or rough patches.

My favorite part about the system is that even after layering on all of the products, this glow shines through. The #1 Clarifying Cleanser followed by #2 Purifying Toner REALLY cleaned my skin and provided a base for the other products.

In the daytime, I moisturized with the #18 Intensive Wrinkle Reduction Cream, which is full of peptides that promise to not only diminish the depth of wrinkles, but to erase stretch marks as well. I use this as a spot treatment on my frown lines and I like how creamy it is. The #8 Retinal Cream is also moisturizing, and not too thick like others on the market.

The #11 Advanced Lip+Eye Concentrate made it really easy to remember to moisturizer my lips (I always forget this step before bed.) Every morning my lips felt super smooth and a bit poutier.

Lastly, the #7 Sunscreen (SPF 30) was so great (blendable, light, moisturizing) that I used it in Florida over my entire body.

The Nutracine company, based out of California, is Doctor Founded and Directed.

Considering using Nutracine? Take the next step and contact them for your 100% FREE skin analysis. If you’re located in California, the doctors will assess your skin with their state-of-the-art tool: the DermaScope, a portable machine which allows them to see the different layers of the skin, diagnose a customer’s skin problems, and allows them to give the customer a personalized skincare plan to follow. Clients elsewhere will have a phone analysis, like I did.

As a Nutracine customer, you also receive “live” doctor support from team of doctors handpicked by the founders. Any of your skin concerns will be addressed by a real doctor with expertise in cutting edge skin care technology. Get started with your free consultation here!

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